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The name is Drakkon. Hmmmm, I'll think of a one-liner later.

My username, while not exactly unique since it's so close to Dragon and Drake (that was actually the point originally) comes from the short fiction I write as a hobby. When I became a member of a small forum online I took part in the large community project there, a shared fantasy world based around the usernames of the forum members as characters, the forum itself as a fantasy realm, events occuring there becoming part of the story, and other forums created by friends becoming other lands in the fantasy world. A fun idea I thought, especially creating characters from the mish-mash of LOTR/Star Wars/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/general forum usernames found on a typical geeky forum. A big melting pot of crazy and awesome combined.


So Nathaniel Drakkon was born, the username from a related forum, and a grumpy, sarcastic mage stepped onto the scene. Other family members are still in the works as I continue my below average writing on a blog -

Anyway, being a huge fan of TV Tropes, and especially Wild Mass Guessing, I'm sure I've got a few crazy theories which people might enjoy.

Tropes I display:

  • Wangst - Usually over my slow writing speed and lack of motivation/commitment to the numerous things I get involved in
  • Deadpan Snarker - Definately on the net, perhaps putting me into Internet Tough Guy territory a little bit or is it just A Darker Me perhaps? But I snark a lot in real life as well, I just struggle with keeping a straight face sometimes
  • Self-Deprecation - See the above comment about my writing skill, I don't think I'm as bad as I make out, but others might disagree
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  • Did Not Do The Research - I lack real knowledge of swords, sword fighting, and general combat of any kind but that's mostly what I write about. Everything I know comes from films, TV, and books.

I'll maybe expand this later.


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