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I'm a guy who likes stories, and likes them enough to read about all the little pieces that they are composed of. And even likes them enough to write a couple fanfics.

Dragonjek is the author of the following: Happy Families Are All Alike: "A dying Sarutobi sends a young Naruto away for the boy's safety; after a hard life alone, he eventually finds his way into Mahora. Negi takes his first steps towards finding his father, even as Naruto discovers that light called 'friendship' for the first time. In the calm before the storm they find happiness, unaware of the true nature of the paths they have chosen." A crossover between Naruto and Negima, it features a much darker take on the Kyuubi than most stories. It is—or will be—an Action/Adventure/Romance/Friendship/Family/Hurt/Comfort/Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Supernatural story.


How Not to Woo a Fluttershy: A short MLP:FIM story, this features poor Fluttershy being stalked by a lovestruck red-and-black alicorn. A sure bet for a nightmarish comedy... except that the alicorn in question is somewhere around eight. This dials it down to an only mildly disturbing comedy, which is much better.


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