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Vain, Egotistical, kinda Selfish and a VERY Self-Gloryfying Meglomaniac, Troper Drace is actually quite lovable once you get to know him. Too intelligent for his own good, at least he thinks so, he loves to be lazy and generally read good books such as Toliens works and the likes.

His hobbies include helping people trying to spell his full name and general Games-Workshop produce as well as generally beating up members of the other faction in World of Warcraft.


You can normally find him posting or hiding in his little hamlet reserved for him in Germany where he angrily mutters something about...Well,anything.

He writes his troper page in the third person because this is the only chance that he gets to do so without seeming insane or just downright weird, or so he hopes...

  • At least you didn't play a Smurf. I'm still required to devour you for the Swarm. -Hydrall


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