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  • Disclaimer*: While I'm figuring out all the intricacies of editing, linking to other pages, posting photos, etc., my page is going to be a tad boring to look at.

Now that that's over with:

I'm 18, male, and a college student. I live in Texas, and I have considered myself a nerd since middle school. I learned about TV Tropes via The Escapist, and I've been wasting massive amounts of time here ever since. I love games, particularly the Mass Effect franchise. I love all things historical, and could reasonably be called a movie buff. As of late, I've also developed a passion for Shakespeare and a lot of different TV shows, including, but not limited to, Firefly, Dexter, and the entire Buffyverse.


My obsession with feats of sheer badassery in fiction has led me to pursue a career as an Army officer. I'm probably the only one in my ROTC battalion who has even heard of Joss Whedon. I realize that "geek" and "leader" don't usually mix, (as does my Military Science professor) but I'm determined to make it work. I've decided that the best way to affect an officer's demeanor while still staying nerdy is to try and act like Captain Malcolm Reynolds. My personality may change over time, but my love of fiction most surely won't.


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