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Howdy Hey to all of you and you'rs I'm Dr Sivana. Well....not really but my Username is Dr Sivana, here and other places. So if you are on the Wrestle Crap Boards, TGWTG Comment pages, or my horribly non-updated blog that's me. Not much else to put here....

.....I like monkeys......and World Domination, but not the combination of the two.....that could be a Charlton Heston know the One....Wayne'sWorld2


A few little notes about me:

  • Not an Anime Fan.....will watch, but I've fonund all of 1 Anime Series I truly love enough to try to own

  • I'm a Wrestling fan [[Spoiler: You may now deduct whatever amount of IQ points from me you deem apprpriate]]

  • Personally believes that most Japanese Named Tropes (T Sundere, Kuu Dere, Omak E, N Akama) are protected from rename, despite being universal tropes, as opposed to the Culturally Based Yamato Nadeshiko

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