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I Have Many Names. WarxePB, GigaBob, InitialChaos, JS.Z, and perhaps more that I've forgotten.

Obligatory shilling of myself:

I am the proud creator of Obscurus Lupa Wins the Olympics, a page which I did not in fact create (though I have edited it extensively). Why am I proud of a logic-defying Crack Fic? Because I am, of course. I also have several other non-notable fics up on my profile, located at this link.


Current Fic Projects:

-The Eternity Dodecatrilogy: I don't even know what's happening in this anymore. It started as an adaptation of some crappy games I did for a contest, but now it's just a mega-crossover following about twenty billion different characters. Is currently at chapter 22 of 36 (see, dodeca- means twelve, so it's a trilogy of stories with twelve chapters each), but after Chapter 24, I have no idea where it's going to go.

-TGWTG Rangers: Another cracky idea I've had for a while. It features The Nostalgia Critic, The Nostalgia Chick, Angry Joe, Spoony and Linkara getting vaguely Power Rangers-esque abilities (and perhaps a Sixth Ranger soon). It's not a straight adaptation of any particular season of Rangers or Sentai, though it takes elements from various seasons and combines them into a plot about ancient sealed Demons (the capitalization is important) and Wizards (not the movie) who sealed them away. Currently at chapter 15 of I'm thinking 40, though we'll see if that lasts.


I also write original fiction on my blog, The Gigaverse (which is also the name of The 'Verse in which all of my stories take place). As I state in the intro, my main goal (besides entertaining everyone) is getting better as a writer, so any advice or criticism you could offer would be much appreciated. Not much now, but I'm trying for a couple of updates per week, so check back regularly.

Current original projects:

-Action Sue: A web serial novel about Luk, a self-aware Mary Sue who takes advantage of narrative convenience to go on various adventures.

-Emperex: Another web serial novel, about a giant robot fighting kaiju in a somewhat more realistic world than the standard mecha fare.

-The Mask of Night: A planned series of short stories revolving around Jone Tensar, the corrupt city of Valtameri and the people who live in it. The name of the project is subject to change since it kinda sucks right now.


And finally, my Twitter under the name InitialChaos. But you probably don't want to see to me constantly remind everyone to check my stuff, so I don't blame you if you don't read it.

And obligatory shilling over.


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