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Greetings! I am Doom13! Nice to meet you all! To start...I'm crazy. In personality terms of course!..maybe. I enjoy watching weird and usually hated or disliked shows(only if it interests me though) I enjoy reading, writing, and drawing. Woot! are some of my favorite shows!

  • Scooby Doo: The entire series, yes. Though my most favorites are "What's New Scooby Doo", "The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo", "A pup named Scooby doo", and "Shaggy and Scooby Get a Clue".
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  • Johnny Test: It amuses me and I think it's pretty funny.
  • Jimmy Two Shoes: I like it a lot and am a fan of the show.
  • Invader Zim: How could you not love the little insane alien? He's full of pwnage.
  • Red Vs Blue: Oh yeah! Go Red's GO! Love Rooster Teeth and the Red's! More specically Grif!
  • Hero 108: It's interesting to me and I find it pretty funny.
  • Teen Titans: Was a hugh fan of the show and still am.
  • Fairly Odd Parents: Well...until Timmy became a jerk and the show went downhill.
  • Looney Tunes: Hooray for the tunes!

Hmm...that's all for now I guess. I still haven't figured out how to do some of the stuff on Tropes here. Bye!


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