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DomaDoma's contributor discussion page.

Would like to attest to the sheer glory of the number thirty-six, if the name Xenophilius means anything to you, and to the kickassitude of finger puppets, if you have ever uttered the phrase "what do you mean, 2012?!?!" (Or 2009, if you're old-school.) Would also like to attest to the incredible power of deserted buildings, a statement that the finger puppets are only a part of.


Is in a somewhat masochistic relationship with A Song Of Ice And Fire, which involves a lot of heartfelt but doomed resolutions to quit. (Not that it'll ever be, y'know, finished or anything.)

At the rate their favorite characters keep dying, might as well be choosing the wise old mentors every time.

Eternal nemesis of It Was His Sled.

Can take any Kira supporter in a debate. Try me.



I was the one who added 'Ella' to Warp That Aesop. I'm just clarifying - were you agreeing with me, or simply exasperated that I'd added it? ~ Stig.

  • I was telling you to read the book; it's much better.

Haven't seen you much in OTC recently. You should come back. -Vericrat



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