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Hello, my name is Dolt Boy and I am addicted to

Seriously, this is getting kinda ridiculous.

Tropes that describe me and my life: Unlucky Everydude, The One Guy, Heroes Want Redheads, Chivalrous Pervert.

My high school drama club's catchphrase for awkward situations: "This is exactly what it looks like!"

Note: Badass Decay should never have been named Spikeification, because Spike never underwent Badass Decay (well a little in Season 4); he underwent Jerkass Decay. Mini-rant now over.


I started the pages for:

And made significant edits to the pages for:


Beyond that, Entry Pimp for Joss Whedon—or rather, "the guy who makes sure references to Joss Whedon in pages are properly linked".


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