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As a small note, my username is supposed to be a single name, but I suppose this works as well. I'd personally prefer it if you call me 'SMS' over 'Ditto', as that's the handle that I've been known for quite a while, with different variations of it amongst different websites. But I wouldn't mind if you prefer to call me by the latter. Or if you prefer, call me by me first name, 'Jonah'.

The handle 'SMS' came from a random thought I had when I was about six or seven years-old making a handle for my very old You Tube channel (Which has been taken down due to me accidentally uploading a video with copyrighted music at the time). I told myself that I'd take the first letters of the names of the first three characters that pop in my head and use it as my handle. These characters are, "Sora, Mega Man X, and Sonic the Hedgehog", respectively. And through that, the 'SMS' handle was born.


Some hobbies include playing video games, watching anime, surfing on TV Tropes, and making reviews of movies and video games.

Tropes that apply to this guy

  • Big Eater: Cheese~.
  • Character Tic: At least mentioned by my close friends that I tend drum my fingers when I'm bored.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: Kinda. If 'Indiana Jonah' or 'Jonah Madonna' aren't embarrassing for you, they are for me.
  • Face Palm: A regular gesture of mine back in high school. Not so much nowadays.
  • Terrible Artist: Save for my one drawing of Sona's etwahl where I went all out as it was a project, I'm a bad artist.

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