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I'm DiScOrD tHe LuNaTiC, a Troper from the American South.

I've been online for a good long time, and I mostly just edit whatever I come across that seems interesting. In particular I'm a big fan of and have done a lot of work on Blue Dragon, Darth Bane, Stargate SG-1, Heroes, Forever Knight, NCIS, Doctor Who (including a couple of recaps) and Farscape. I've also done fair amounts of work on No Periods, Period, Covered Up, Xena: Warrior Princess, Executive Meddling, Pearls Before Swine, Xenogears, Metallica, Batman: The Animated Series, Cool Guns and Twisted Toyfare Theatre. I also try to condense Natter whenever I can while retaining the points (if any) made in the Natter.


And somehow, I have managed to add a decent number of Tropes that one would think should have been added long ago to specific pages, and yet hadn't been as of the time I found them. Just by way of example, can you believe that, with Tifa and Yuffie as representatives, no one had thought to add Bare Your Midriff to Final Fantasy VII? Neither could I, but it wasn't there. Funny ol' world, innit?

As to original works, I created the initial X-Force page, but freely admit that some other intrepid Troper did a lot — okay, most — of the work on the X-Statix section (as I was mainly familiar with the "original" and "black & grey death squad" X-Force). I created the Wanted page, folding several of the comic examples on the film page into the article, I created the page for Alison Krauss & Union Station, and I also added the Trope list to the Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil page. I did a huge revamp of the The Millennium Trilogy page, taking the massive trope list and sorting it into four sections. I also did a total rework of The Hunger Games, doing a lot of natter condensation. I did about 70-75% of the work on the character page for The Wolf Among Us; I missed completely creating the page by literally one day. I created the pages for the Matt Fraction comic series Sex Criminals and the Brian Michael Bendis Jessica Jones series The Pulse, and the Greg Rucka comic series Black Magick. I created the page for the Image horror series Infidel, and sectioned The Walking Dead from one massive page into four more accessible ones. Most recently, I created pages for both the comic and film versions of The Old Guard, and began recaps for The Babysitters Club 2020.


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