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Editing these types of pages is by no means boring.

For those of you who took the time to click that shiny blue word that happens to be right above my avatar, welcome to Demonfly's Troper page. My contributions are fairly sporadic, though I tend to make them in pages that I feel could really use some cleaning up, and therefore try to be as thorough as possible with any edits that I may make (as thorough as the impending and mocking Edit Lock allows me to, anyway). I personally find bias and derogatory claims about a work - especially heavy-handed ones - to be entirely unneeded in a wiki that ideally strives to accurately and properly describe every work in fiction as this one claims to be, so you can probably expect any instances of that to be done away with once I get done editing an article that they are present in. Other than that, I mostly lurk around select corners of the forum like nearly everybody else does.


See? Not boring at all.


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