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Greetings everyone!

My name is Delvarian, and I'm a pretty normal troper. Normal or in other words, adores reading tropes. Other than that, I love to read fan fictions (in particular Spyro The Dragon, Sonic The Hedgehog, and various crossovers) and play games - especially MMORPGS. More or less, I adore anything pertaining to Dragons or whatnot, or a fictional thing crossing over with something from Real Life.


After six months of reading on this site, I have finally decided to take action and add new entries to TV Tropes. To be more precise, I'll be only adding entries on fan fictions, MMORPGS, and several Web Games due to my love for them, and the fact that many (good or bad) go unnoticed. Moreover, I'll be lurking in the Video Games section of the forum. Of course, I am a novice at how the adding system works here, so I'll probably make a lot of changes and mistakes. Suggestions and corrections are always met with appreciation!

I run a blog too, at here

(Will eventually increase the description size!)


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Seeing as Hob has yet to claim this space as his own, I'll do the honors. Just dropping in to say hi. - X2X

I didn't notice you got a page! Conglaturation! ~Enzeru


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