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Welcome to my page!

This page is currently a work in progress.

If the name and picture weren't obvious, I'm a big fan of Pokémon! The games at least, not the anime.

My real name is Lily Alexander.

What else about me? Well, I love writing in my free time, particularly adventure stories. I'm also a lesbian. I'm not gonna talk politics here, because that's just asking for trouble.

If you're here from Forum Games, I'd appreciate if you honor a few simple requests. #1: I absolutely hate being called "queer" and I'd appreciate if you didn't use that word to describe me, as I have really bad experiences with that word. #2: If we're playing in the Ask the Above Poster a Question thread, please don't just say "seconded", "ditto", "same question" or anything of the like; if you do, I'll just point you to this page.


Where you can find my work

My additions to Complete Monster

Crossover fights I really want to see!


Delphine's Top 31 Favorite Villains

Can be found here.

    Word Of God on my work 

Just providing a little extra insight on the stories I write. These could be Easter Eggs or elaboration on obscure topics.

  • Day of the Choosing
    • I initially came up with All the Rest's name as the result of a joke from the Complete Monster Discussion Thread. Despite the initial joke. I still took the work itself seriously and put genuine effort into it.
    • All the Rest was heavily inspired from a combination of It/Pennywise, the Thing, and Ted Radford. Like It, All the Rest is an Eldritch Abomination who has consumed innumerable worlds and functions on a cycle where it preys on the innocent for a time before hibernating, and it also likes to play with its food. Like the Thing, it assimilates its victims and makes them become one with itself, although the mass still has to be connected to its true body, the core, while pieces that split off from the Thing become independent. Like Radford, it keeps its victims alive to suffer horrific agony just to fuel its own sadism.
    • I was careful not give any of the characters names besides All the Rest, and I also didn't name any species or describe what the characters look like. This is to leave it up to interpretation whether or not the story takes place on Earth.
    • All the Rest's many mouths are from its victims, and each mouth speaks with their original voice.
    • While the current cycle of harvesting from the planet has been going on for a few thousand years, All the Rest has wandered the cosmos for millions, during which it has consumed uncountable worlds. Likewise, the billions of memories the protagonist sees at the end are only from the current world. When All the Rest finds a new world to devour, it'll consume whatever lifeforms are left, and it'll also finish off its suffering victims by consuming whatever's left of them, allowing them to finally die and leaving only the core, All the Rest's true body, with enough energy to survive the journey to the next world. This is the meaning behind the protagonist's words about the suffering finally ending.


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