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Deityofnaught lives on the Internet.

Acronyms, apparently


  • Inuyasha That said, Deityofnaught has seen the whole show. Twice.
    • Fanart has also (somehow) been produced.

This troper contains examples of:

  • The Idiot Ball, which they pick up more than occasionally.
  • Too Dumb to Live It can be a problem.
  • Kuudere (once upon a looooong time a ago)
  • Limited Social Circle Can count the friends they regularly communicate with on one hand.
  • CloudCuckoolander Someone mentioned (in this troper's presence) that sleep deprivation can lead to psychosis. This troper responded "Well that explains me." A nearby friend then said "Oh Honey, you're not... sleep deprived."
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  • BookWorm During their youth.
  • CatchPhrase "-shot-" "LOL" "Fascinating..."
  • Children Are Innocent If innocent == Good, then "this troper as child" most certainly =/= innocent. Naive, perhaps. Idealistic? Definitely. Innocent? Never.
  • Forgets to Eat Surprisingly often. (at time of writing. This has changed since) Is not, however, skinny as a result.
  • BigEater Can be. Some people have expressed surprise at this. Possibly a side effect of forgetting to eat. (Or not, in light of recent habits.)
  • Playing with Fire Has been known to do so.
  • Character Alignment Chaotic or Neutral... something.


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