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Everything anyone can ever want to know about me can be explained in a big nutshell by the following tropes.

All Women Love Shoes: Subversion; I only get new shoes when I need new ones.

Catholic School Girls Rule: I'm the alternate version. Plan on saving myself for marriage.

Cosplay Otaku Girl: I'm trying to be this. Damn high costume prices...

Fangirl: I am one for anime just not a very Up to Eleven version like others.


The Fashionista: Subversion. Big time. So long as it matches and I can wear it in public, I don't care how my clothes look.

Born in the Wrong Century: Many people, including myself, feel I should have been born in the 50's. My mother even called me and I quote 'an old soul in a new body'.

Brainy Brunette: I have long brown hair that reaches my waist and am considered by many who know me to be an artistic genius as well as fairly intelligent.

She Cleans Up Nicely: I know that I can be pretty when I put on some makeup and clothes that flatter my body better. I just don't see the need to be pretty all the time.

Valley Girl: Biggest. Subversion. Of All. I'd kill myself before I'd let myself turn into this.

Yaoi Fangirl: My cousin and my friend got me into it... *blushes*

Informed Loner: My family claims that I am a loner. I'm not though. I just like being alone.


Starving Artist: The fact that I'm a new high school graduate and still living at home is what makes me a slight subversion of this trope.

Technical Pacifist / Actual Pacifist: I tend to slide back and forth on this mostly due to the fact that I can punch my older cousin in the shoulder when she annoys me, knowing it won't hurt her but I freak out if I do actually hurt someone even if it was an accident.

Aspergers Syndrome: I have a mild version of this according to and proven by my mother.

Kindhearted Cat Lover: People consider me to be very kind and loving plus my number one favorite animals are cats.

Beautiful All Along: I am considered to be this by the many people who know me when I take off my glasses, put on some makeup, and wear something fancy like a prom dress or clothes that flatter my body better.


Beware the Nice Ones: I can take a lot of stuff and I'm usually very nice until someone does something to push me over the edge.

Brilliant, but Lazy: I'm considered to be an artistic genius by everyone I know but I sometimes tend to skip out on doing the dishes at home and I almost always wait until the last minute to do a homework assiagnment or project that was given out a week or a month early.


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