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White male college student who lurks the forums quite a bit. Procrastinator. Chances are, if you're reading this, there is something I should be doing right now. So tell me to stop being such a lazy ass and start doing some work!

Uhm. things. I dunno, I guess this is a work in progress.

I decided to delete a lot of shit here. Because honestly, it was kinda silly.


If you wish to vandalize, please do so beneath this line.


You're the sexiestest, most wonderful boy in the world. :3

-Naney ___________________________

Ayup. Right about here.

Enter the Trash Heap and get vandalised, friend. Thems is the rules of the game. Which I just lost. Lovely.JHM

Vandilizito, vandilizito! - Hobgoblin

You're getting the cuchi-cuchi treatment! - StarkMaximum

You need to add Deathonabun/Michigan to your book, friend - SunshineWerewolf

AI VANDAL U!!!111 - Naney

So, uh. Yeah. I'll just spray paint a crudely drawn phallus on this wall here - jinx

So I herd u liek da man wit da machien gunn - Hobgoblin

Shipping yourself! 3 Demerits! — Lolipod Distortion

  • Nooo! If I get anymore demerits I am legally obligated to burn the book!

Meow! *Glomps* - red223


This guy's like a bad dream...and when I say bad, I mean dirty, kinky bad - Legionnaire

You are now pregnant. - Imipolex G

I don't know you too well either, but you're clearly AWESOME! - Cogito

Obligatory vandalisation. Must... learn... to resist... XD ~ Raineh Daze

Death, if you had children, would they be born with Shipping Goggles as well? - X2X

Just thought I'd edit your page. In a TOTALLY PLATONIC way, mind you! — Central Avenue

thanks for the appropraite gush - Commander Obvious

I see your avatar and can't not think of Fluttershy cosplaying Dr. Insano for some reason. - Mr Pastry

Seeing your avatar reminds me of Cupcakes. Damn Cupcakes. You still seem cool though...but Cupcakes. I CAN NEVER LOOK AT PINKY PIE THE SAME WAY AGAIN! Though she's still cool. - darkclaw

BUNNY. Y U NO STOP BE CUTE? -tendollarlameo


I just paid you a Visigoth, er, visit. - Not-So-Badass Longcoat

Your Sagittarius Bow taught me how to feel pain. Not sure if I should thank you or hate you for that. - Evi I Paladin

I miss you. - Stark Maximum

Trope Eater wuz heer.

I find your current avatar during February 19 of 2013 to be cute! NES


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