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Bah. I'll try it out.

Death Chariot ( Call me Death ) is a seventeen year old troper who just lurked in the site until Strigon convinced him to start playing some insane (in a good way) Forum Game.


Anyone can edit this.


Vandalize me!

  • Ah. Young Grasshopper, I shall teach only those who are willing to learn. Are yooouuuu? -eyebrow- ~ GameSpazzer
    • What is the sound of one hand clapping?
      • this (skip to about 1:30) - Randomman5
    • I an happy. I have fwends. -Death
  • They see me vandalizin'. They hatin'. - LatverianBadger
  • One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne -desdendelle
  • Death, for the millionth time....No means no! We can still be friends,though~! -The Mighty Zero
  • You call yourself a troll?! I must watch you caaaaarefuuuuullyyyyyyy...~Blake Diamond Is Watching You
  • For some reason I never wrote on this part of your wall. This spot is mine. Mine, I tell you. >_>
    • I was about to say something completely witty but I forgot. ~_~ ~ Hachiko


Aliyase Chronicles

Something of a pet project of mine. Started when a friend of mine in High School wanted me to make characters for a half-assed story he was writing. I got a little too into it, and made an entire world. Told Strig about it, he jumped on the bandwagon and this was born. Basically Avatar: The Last Airbender meets Final Fantasy. With a hell of a lot of deconstruction thrown in.


Fire. Water. Earth. Wind. Long ago, the four nations lived in harmony, but all that changed when the Fire Empire attacked. Led by the mighty Conquistadors, the Empire launched a massive offensive on the Wind Republic. Surprised and outgunned, the Republic nevertheless tried to fight back. During the war that ensued, the previously neutral Water Plutocracy made a surprise attack and seized the northern half of the Republic. Assaulted on both sides, the Republic fell. And now Fire and Water wage a war for control of Wind's territories. The Earth Alliance, ever neutral, sit isolated, keeping a wary eye on the fighting.Two months since the war started, a man claiming to be the Avatar is seen in various battlefields, butchering all in his path. Could this madman be telling the truth?


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     Main characters 

Captain Miguel De Legazpi

Faceclaim: Lancer from Fate Zero

Our Main Character. A naive new officer in the Fire Empire's armies, fate has conspired for him to take a different path. The son of a merchant who had gotten rich through selling arms, Miguel had grown up listening to tales of valor told by his father's military clients, and thus the boy wished to be a soldier more than anything. His father respected his decision, but his overprotective mother did not. So, Miguel did his first and last act of rebellion against his mother: He ran away from home and joined the military. Miguel graduated from the Imperial Military Academy at the top of his class, and was duly sent to the front lines. He now serves as the second-in-command of the Empire's First Legion, Fifth Platoon.


Elizabeth Aritmetheus

Faceclaim: I have no idea. Ask Strig.

A character I designed very early on. She hasn't changed much from her initial conception. A fallen noblewoman from the Wind Republic, which she took very, very hard. Once a kind and gentle girl, the tough times have changed her into a cynical and pragmatic warrior. She now leads a small band of Wind Republic warriors, working as mercenaries, revolutionaries and sometimes brigands, in the hope of liberating their precious homeland. Hates the Fire and Water nations with a passion. Modeled after my friend, The Mighty Zero.


Number 78/ "Darrin"

Faceclaim: Noir from Letter Bee

My personal favorite. Darrin (real name unknown) was a street rat who later became a Fire Empire government assassin...and then became the guinea pig for their new Super Soldier program. The side-effects are a bit...screwy. The now raving, fourth-wall demolishing, loli-loving assassin escaped from the labs and was eventually found by the gang. Have I mentioned how I love this guy?


Günter von Orman

Faceclaim: Auron from Final Fantasy

A knight of the Fire Empire and only son of a moderately wealthy noble family whose only claim to fame is it's dedicated military service, he was set to inherit his father's land after he had died of illness but was cheated out of his inheritance by a rival noble by the name of Pizarro; who used incriminating evidence that proved that Günter had secretly married a commoner, which is one of the biggest taboos in Imperial society; so big that it will forever tarnish a Nobleman's reputation with the rest of the nobility. Left with nowhere to go; Gunther joined the Wind Republic invasion force as a member of a unit of knights.



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