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Where's the Describe Dealan here.? I thought there would be one of them here... Oh well.

Dealan's at his first year at university. He first came to this site about a year ago, through a link to Always Save the Girl. Take a Third Option followed, and the rest are lost to infinity. His first thoughts when entering the site were something like: "Wow, this site seems pretty big. There must be dozens of pages like this here."


And therefore

I have some minor activity in Writer's Block.

Other than that... nothing, I guess. I'd make a list of things I like but that's both boring and pointless. You wouldn't find anything you didn't already know anyway. Except 1/0, only not really. You've probably found it before I did.

This page is considered as a Work In Progress. Has been cleaned up once, by removing almost everything I like about this site. Oh, well.

I don't like cats that much. Not that I dislike them, I just don't understand the reasoning behind KITTY OMG A KITTY!


Statistically, there is a chance you want to add a Trope that describes me. Here's the place.

Vandalisers can (not) vandalise their vandalism  here.

  • You've. been. VANDALISED.
    • You. Didn't. Leave. A. Signature. Cut.

  • ~vandalizes~ - CyganAngel
    • ~barely bothers to point out that this was the most half-assed vandalising he's ever seen~
    • ~due to sheer boredom decides to ask what he has ever done to deserve this~

  • As the good Wiktionary says:
    Scottish Gaelic
    dealan m (genitive dealain)
    Derived terms
    • Cheers mate! ~ betterthanstrawberry
    • I didn't even know that. All I knew was that dealan-de was a butterfly. Thanks.
    • And cheers. Whoever you're supposed to be, you're definitely better than a strawberry.
    • o\\\o Thank you!

  • Mew mew mew. Mew! — QQQQQ
    • Did I mention that I don't particularly like cats as everyone else seems to do? No? I should.note 

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