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A 20-ish college student, amateur writer (one novella and a dozen short stories done, working on a longer novel) who stumbled across the TVTropes wiki and hasn't made it out since. Has an annoying habit of having story ideas fabricate themselves in his subconscious and then use brain-processing bandwidth to automagically refine and expand upon them, normally when he's preoccupied with something else. So he's really not so much writing from scratch as merely dictating. And he thinks he should stop referring to himself in the singular third person.


I mostly read, and have made only a handful of additions so far. My (one) minor claim to fame so far is having started the page that later was retitled Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu, though, needless to say, it's changed a few (dozen) times.

Ah, well, Causa finita est.

He would also like to plug his personal website, as he now thinks about Tropes every time he picks up a keyboard to write:

Has started:

Has co-founded or made viable:

Has added his brand of wordy, highly-calculated insanity to:

And now for Something Completely Different: The following tropes apply to me, or have directly affected my person. A personal compilation of Troper Tales, so to speak.


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