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One of those obnoxious, coffee-swilling, comics-loving Portlanders who likes to draw. A lot. I draw a webcomic , which is updated far too infrequently to merit its own page over here. Besides, that would be awfully pretentious of me.

TV Tropes has absolutely ruined my life, but somehow I can't bring myself to feel any sort of regret.

  • Created the Just Cause page before the sequel came out and it became all cool and mainstream.
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  • Created the Okko page and it has yet to become cool and mainstream.
  • Created the Hellstar Remina page which was promptly jumped on and entry pimped beyond belief.
  • Created the BPRD page and oddly, not one other troper has touched it.
  • Created the Orc Stain page because I can't believe no one else did it first; that comic is awesome.

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