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This is my page. It's not much, but I can call it mine!

I visit the Trope Pantheons every-so-often, making small corrections here and there, just to tidy things up a bit.

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    Favortite Things 
Will be occasionally updated as time goes on and I go through my ever-increasing bucket list of games, movies, music, books, and shows I want to experience.

Anime and Manga




  • Ninja Sex Party - I'll be honest, I never even heard of them until Dan joined Arin on Game Grumps. Flash forward to today, I've become enraptured by the comedy duo's hilarious music (mostly about dicks).
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic - Without a doubt, my absolute FAVORITE musician out there. He's always been a source of inspiration and smiles every time I listen to his music. He taught me to never be afraid to act weird and goofy and to have the self-confidence to not listen to people who try to put me down. Dare To Be Stupid indeed.

Tabletop Games

Video Games


Web Originals/Let's Plays

Western Anmimation

Members of the Trope Pantheons I've Ascended/Worked On


Some Personal Favorite OCs of Mine (To-Do)

  • Will add some soon(TM)

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