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Das Soviet, aka 'Das Soviet Canuck', aka 'DSC' , aka 'The Vizir', aka I've-been-around-a-good-long-while-you-don't-need-every-last-screen-name-I've-had-spelled-out-for-you, is a Troper from Cowtown, Canuckistan who focuses mainly on world building.

He has been active on numerous world building sites in the past - particularly the old Wizard of the Coast Gleemax forums - as well as being around the play by post RPG circuit once or twice. He even tried making his own forum, Orone - Hub of Worlds, but it fell through due to him being an overworked and under-payed journalism student. He is now a moderator at Unicorns Visions, an RP site he has been active on for nearly five years now.


His major work is the 'Syth-verse' - a series of world that were connected through the explosion of the world of Cirundi in a multiple choice past event. The world of Ardus, home of his steampunk 'Empires of Caelea' D&D setting has gotten the most amount of work among these worlds, though other settings include Planescape-esque Orone, Ravenloft's Newumberland, the high fantasy celtic setting of Cyrdwynn, and several others. These universes are all connected by inter-planar pathways, similar races, and the presence of a race of world-hopping merchants known as the syth - who he spends much too much time on.

Das Soviet loves realism and grit, hates medieval stasis, and has a personal pet peve when thousands of years in a setting's history are brushed over as 'Nothing Happens'

Das Soviet is ironically not a communist, and took the name because of his love of politics in general and as a play off of 'Soviet Canuckistan' in particular.


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