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Just some random guy with a computer and a bit too much spare time. 24/M/UK. Likes reading, writing, drinking, mathematical physics and travelling, among other random pursuits. Watches more TV than is good for anyone, which is what led him to the site. If the name looks familiar, also appears on a few mostly geek-orientated message boards.

Contributed here and there; lost track of exactly what I've added but I know it when I see it. Needless to say, I probably overuse the phrase "needless to say".


A bit more about myself: I'm a doctoral student in biochemistry at the University of East Anglia. Previously I was Oop North and nearer to home at the University of York, where I got a 2.1 in chemistry. I intend to move to Poland when I'm (finally) done with uni; I first went there during my gap year and have been back many times since, and have friends over there. (It's what motivated the forum post that gave rise to my contribution to Useful Notes On Poland, if anyone cares.)

Responsible for IKEA Erotica and The Legend Of Rah And The Muggles (the pages not the things themselves, before anyone tries to kill me).

I'll put more here when I get round to it.


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