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The effects of Darkness can get to people.

I'm just your typical, 18-year-old, female college student from Cleveland, Ohio. I mostly enjoy browsing on the Internet in my free time. I also enjoy playing video games on my Nintendo Wii and DS. I mostly get A's and B's at school but I'm just as lazy, procrastinating most of the time. I absolutely LOVE animals and kids! And for my love of animals, I also like to collect stuffed animals. If I'm in a new environment, I rarely talk. Around my friends though, I can be considered to be insane, an idiot but useful, a master at witty banter, but mostly, an overall fun and intelligent friend. I'm always up for making new friends, so you can talk to me. I won't bite.



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This Troper provides examples of:

  • Accidental Pervert: I was not only the victim of such but also the one that commenced it. Getting hit in the boob on accident by a guy friend and accidentally groping a female friend.
  • Better as Friends: There was a guy I met in my freshman year of high school. We quickly became friends and months later in that same year we started dating. It was good at first but then it just started to go downhill. After dating for 4 months, we both mutually agreed that we were better off as friends and it should stay that way. And we are indeed better as friends.
  • Big Breasts, Big Deal: I tend to be Type 4 a lot by flaunting what I got.
  • Blood from the Mouth: I had a nosebleed one day, and apparently some of the blood got down to my mouth the next day at school. During lunch I coughed and some blood came out and I ended up scaring one of my friends who was sitting next to me. I, thankfully, only had her as a witness since my other friends were either not paying attention or were someplace else. As she said to me after see saw me cough up blood, "I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO DIE!"
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  • Dandere: I'm quiet around people I don't really know but if they're someone I know or someone brings up something I like talking about, then I'm really talkative.
  • Face Palm: Used A LOT
  • Gag Boobs: With my D/DD sized boobs, my friends usually like to make my boobs the subject of many jokes. As of recent, I have gained the nickname "Boobs-A-Lot" and "Tons-O-Tits" by a few guy friends.
  • Group Hug: On my last day of 4th grade, before I moved to a new school, all of my classmates circled around me and gave me this. I also did this with my best guy friend and another friend from school at the wake of a friend who passed away. Both were Tear Jerkers and Heartwarming Moments with the latter then turning into a Crowning Moment Of Funny when my guy friend said to me, "Your hair is in my mouth" while we were all hugging and we just bursted out laughing.
  • Hype Aversion: If one person recommends that I watch or play something, that's fine. But when EVERYONE I KNOW tells me so, then I just end up less likely to touch said show/game. This is part of the reason why I'm probably never going to touch Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Bleach, or Naruto. It also doesn't help if I'm not particularly interested it anyways. When it comes to anime, it could also be that there are A LOT of episodes in just the one series. Being a series completionist (I have to watch EVERYTHING related to said series) I just don't have the time and patience to sit through 200+ episodes of a single series. If I do go past this stage though, I might end up getting...
  • Hype Backlash: This happened to me when it came to Twilight and Lucky Star. People were praising both and I read/watched part of them, and I really did not like either of them.
  • Love Triangle: Type 4. I'm in love with my guy friend who already has a girlfriend. Type 5 too since one other guy friend likes me while I'm still focused on the taken guy friend.
  • Megane: I just love guys with glasses. I honestly think most guys look better with them on.
  • Memetic Mutation: This one as of recent towards me: "Boobs-A-Lot!"
  • Miss Fanservice: Another nickname that I have earned thanks to my huge tracts of land and my tendency to flaunt them, this time from my ex who is a bit of a Chivalrous Pervert
  • Not a Morning Person: Most of the time on weekends and during days off, when I have nothing planned, I don't even wake up until 11 AM or later. Even at that, I just don't want to wake up. Period. And no matter what time I wake up, I'm ALWAYS tired.
  • Otaku Surrogate: I generally watch A LOT more Shōnen and Seinen than I do Shojo. Just about at a ratio of 1 shojo series for every 10 shonen or seinen series I watch.
  • Schoolgirl Lesbians: A female friend of mine used to have a girlfriend. It didn't turn out so well.
  • Sick and Wrong: My friend's variation on it: "Let's NOT have this conversation!"
  • Unlucky Childhood Friend: Just as I was finally had the guts and planned the day to admit to a long-time childhood guy friend that I was in love with him, he tells me that he has a girlfriend. Cue Heroic BSoD and tears after I start walking home in privacy.
  • Younger Than They Look: I've had people think I was a college student when I was a 16-year-old sophomore in high school. Bad enough where I have had a 30-YEAR-OLD MAN try to hit on me thinking I was a college student only to find out that I was a high school sophomore.
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