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Dark Jester 94 is the series of a normal teenager, currently in his third season, who strives to find a normal live...Oh and become a millionare writer, of course. He is currently writing a novel, in which the main character is actually a writer. He can get a bit annoying at times, and he is normally a bit on the odd side, right now, the third season is looking VERY promising.

The main series include:


The Hero: most of the times the main character, but sometimes other another one takes the place. The Lancer: sometimes plays The Scrappy just for kicks, and likes to believe in Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll. The Big Guy: the main character's best friend, however, he is a Gentle Giant, but this leads to... The Smart Guy: the main character, also the Only Sane Man... can be a little bit of a Dead Pan Snarker too. The Chick: a neurotic girl who is very sensitive, but provides many helpful advices, and has saved this troper's ass a couple of times. The Mole: ironically, the leader of the group before I came (now we just decide who is the leader depending on the situation) left the group after the second season finale.

  • Foe Yay: mostly during the second season, to the main characters demise.

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  • Grand Finale: the third season looks like it's going to be this...

  • Loners Are Freaks: well... You Should Know This Already.

  • No Yay: to this troper's demise...

  • Season Finale: in the first season, the main group had been officially stated, and the main character faced off against... the math teacher (take in consideration that the seasons go with the year: first one being 7th grade, the second one 8th, and third 9th) then, he managed to become more extroverted, and ended at the end of the school trip, the main song being listen to you heart by DHT (don't ask). The second one ended after he faced against The Mole and also his Foe Yay love interest. He came to terms as how he saw the world, and ended at the main garden of the school, th main song being New Divide by Linkin Park. The third season is in progress, with the main character going on a Secret Test of Character to find himself, and so far going well.


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