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Nope. And not just because I dont want to or just because I can say no. I dont expect you to understand. Hell! If you could understand me we wouldnt be pointing each other with swords and telling each other courageous speeches. You chose that, I chose this. And I accept your decision. I even encourage you to destroy me, for that is your character, thats where your decisions took you. Now, dont hold back. This night, one of us will kiss the princess and the other one will be cried in a shallow grave by a lonely widow. -Matusalen from "The Shadow's Theater"


He argued with Segol, hated his idealistic ideas and his naive methods, yet he joined him. He always thought that the world was done for, yet he fought to save it. He thought his death would be useless and would bring no changes, yet he sacrificed to steal a few minutes. He used hate as his weapon, yet he fought for love. His life would have ended in victory would he have chosen to be a villain. Yet, he decided to die as a hero.

Creator of The Power of Hate


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