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Musician, writer and rabid Formula One fan. I spend my time creating Purple Prose, practicing my bass guitar and wasting my life on TVtropes.

I aim to be Wicked Cultured, but I’m usually hamstrung by being Brilliant, but Lazy. Frequently The Quiet One. Currently learning the basics of the German Language, but it’s tough going sometimes – the grammar can be kinda tricky.

Likes: Coffee, red hair, Goths, Heavy Metal, Firefly, Daria, Trance, Terry Pratchett, German things, sexy accents, Emilie Autumn and Amanda Palmer.


Dislikes: Boganism, and all sports that fall outside Hemmingway’s trinity of “bull fighting, mountaineering and motor racing.” Seriously guys, ball sports are lame. Get over it.

You can also find me on, and I've finally caved in and signed on with Facebook. I feel dirty.


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