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Um...Hey, y'all. Long-Time Lurker, the whim to get known finally hit me and here we are. The name comes from the song Manhattan from the Sky by Kate Voegele, which I happened to be listening to when I finally got this account. Incidentally, I do believe I would make a damn good city girl but currently I have not had sufficient opportunity to prove myself. Maybe in a couple of years. In any case, I stumbled upon the site when I googled Mary-Sue in a fanfic-enduced frenzy after I started getting worried my OC was getting sueish. I kept coming back because it's fun and I like stuff. And on the most polarizing of Troper Topics, let's just get this one out of the way: Yes, I like Twilight. Do not hold that against me. I know the writing sucks. I do not care. I like reading about this sick, twisted, self-loathing anti-social obsessive vampire and his even more sick and twisted narcissistic Unreliable Narrator of a girlfriend. Yes, I do support Death of the Author, why do you ask?


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