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Dalew lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. "Dalew" is a contraction of "the" and his name, Lewi ("Pronounced like "Louie"). He is 15 and has an afro. Dalew is very geeky(and insists you use the word geek) about many things. He's been to Comic-con once, and will jump at the chance to tell you about it. He has a habit of researching before he posts anything because he's very paranoid about being wrong.


Launches pages for obscure things he finds so they will become less obscure. Or because he's bored.

Pages Launched by Dalew (All Works-In-Progress, If You Like the Media, Please Help!)

Pages Contributed to by Dalew

Things He's Geeky About

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    Western Animation 


Nothing can happen 'till you swing the bat. Bang...


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