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Well, hello there! Come on in, careful not to trip over the doormat, it's loose at the corner...
Ahem. Anyway. I'm a troper, according to that little title up there, to describe myself more completely apart from being 16 years old?

Well, I pretty much like everything, really. I am exceptionally easily amused, and something has to be fairly outside my interest zone before I'll dislike it. However, had I to pick favourites...


Hallowed Favourite Movie Award: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.
Hallowed Favourite TV Award: Doctor Who (sorry, Firefly. We good?).
Hallowed Favourite Book Award: World War Z (sorry, Ciaphas.)
Hallowed Favourite Video Game Award: ...Hmm...I actually don't kno- wait, Portal. Or Mass Effect. Or Halo: Reach if we're talking multiplayer funs.
Hallowed Favourite Comic Book Award: Scott Pilgrim.
Hallowed Favourite Eldritch Abomination Award: The Slender Man.
Hallowed Favourite Website Award: This one, of course!

Apart from all of the above, I have been told I have something of a tendency towards incredibly bad puns...which I think is probably fair enough.
I'm also an aspiring writer, and currently (futilely attempting the) writing about five or six different things at once, chief among them being a humourous (hopefully) lampshading of the fantastical sci-fi genre entitled "Deus ex Machina", part of a planned series entitled "That Sci-Fi Series".


Right. That's me you go, then. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, and if it insults you just give it a slap.