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I don't want my links to be red anymore. ;_;

I've been badly hit by this site. The first time I came here (through a link to Nintendo Hard from the guys over at tasvideos) one night I spent seven hours straight being madly fascinated of how a wiki could be so perfect. When my morning alarm clock started beeping at 07.00 I realized I hadn't slept at all. Since then it has just been downhill, and now, roughly a year later, TV Tropes is a major part of my life.


I could do what most tropers do and list some stuffs that I like, but since I've compiled a list of tropes that highly relate to me, I figured I could list those instead. I mean, if anyone is to appreciate such a list, it would be us tropers, right?

Oh yeah!

How I am and/or act:

How I look:

How I speak:

Upon the internets:


...and the obvious:


Example of: