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October 29, 2017 - June 4, 2020

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This is my final goodbye to TV Tropes, left in a comment so this page doesn't end up in the Cut List.

Two years was quite a long run. But, all good things must come to an end eventually. Today, June 4, 2020, it's time for me to say goodbye to TV Tropes for now.

I've lost interest in this site since 2019, but I kept dragging myself to make edits, forcing myself to contribute somewhat. But now, I'm done with it.

My last edit that was even slightly significant was last year, when my morale was far higher than it is now (fuck the coronavirus, by the way, if I didn't mention it), and I'm seriously depressed with the amount of time I've spent on this site.

But, the thing that really made me say "I'm through with this shit" is the current global situation. At a time like this, when so many people are sick or dying, I have far more important priorities then spending time on this site.

I'm sick of it. I'm sick of making tropes, I'm sick of editing tropes, I'm sick of participating in the forums and reading entire Doorstoppers of forum posts about anime/manga/this cool new trend that no one cares about. I'm tired of it all.

So, yeah. I quit. And this time, it isn't temporary. It isn't the time when I feel depressed, take a break, then return to troping 10 minutes later. I've made my mind up. And I'm out.

I've made my last edit. I've posted my last contribution to the forums. I've launched my last trope. I've Asked The Tropers for the last time. I've logged in for the last time. And I won't be back when I depart.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    Contact Information 

While I would prefer not to be bothered, I realize that there are valid reasons for me to include my contact information.

If you absolutely 100% need to contact me, your best bet is to use one of these two contact methods:

  • (my designated troper e-mail). I check my email once per day, so don't expect a response immediately. Expect a response within the next few days.
  • Oculus#0821 (Discord username).

I won't keep this up to date. I'll hold on to my Discord and email as long as possible, but please email me if the Discord username doesn't work.


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