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Real-Life Things About Me

Screen Name: Dacool1here, (obviously).

Nationality: Earthling

Timezone: Earth Standard Time (EST)

I Live On: The 3rd planet from Sol, 224.17 parsecs.}}

Gender: Male

Age: Old enough to have grown up with Minecraft and not Fortnite.

Social status: Loner

Religion: Apache attack helicopter.

Why I have an anime avatar: Why not?

Favorite shows, videogames and movies: RWBY, XCOM(2), Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter


Interesting Fact: I can code in C# and Processing. Not very well, but well enough.

Likes: Cute puppers.

Personality: Smartass with biting humor.

    Tropes About Me 

Apologizes a Lot: To a T.

Berserk Button: Please don't be mean to me, or to anyone on this site, really. And if you read my fanfics, do not bash them, lest you recieve a scathing retort in return.

Beware the Nice Ones: Be polite and I'll be polite to you.

Blind Without 'Em: To an extent - I can still see with my glasses on. Barely.

Headphones Equal Isolation

I Call It "Vera": I tend to come up with weird names for my PC and Mac.

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: My username. Dear god, my username. Now it's a joke and if I could go back I would pick a username that made more sense.

Not a Morning Person: I have to go to bed at 11-ish, although I never feel tired.

Percussive Maintenance: Combine it with duct tape and everything is solved. (I'm just kidding, don't do this.)

Self-Deprecation: Ya think?!

Writer's Block: Oh, dear God, do I suffer from this. There was a fanfic I wrote once, and said the last update would be in 2017. It's 20''19'' now, and I still don't have a new chapter finished. Oops.


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