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Oh hello! I'm Dabuddah453, I tend to be called "obnoxious" by some people that initially talk to me. I prefer the term "Loud and Proud" as my writing style in chat rooms and other miscellaneous boards of text based chat systems reflects how I talk in real life. I'm 19, Going to College, and a philosophy I see in my life, to quote George Carlin, "Inside every cynical person is a disappointed idealist"


Some may wonder why I choose a "significant" anagram for a guy usually portrayed as a gold statue where I'm from as a handle. Well, my name is exactly the same in pronunciation yet spelled entirely different. So that's the answer to that question! I tend to do have a catchphrase of the week. And they aren't always for a week. Sometimes they're a month, week, few days.

My Catchphrases Through the Years: "Including But Not Limited To," "Cluster Bleep-Bomb" (For when I was "too young" to actually curse), "Flip Nuggets"

So, Tropes that follow my real life include, but are not limited too...

    Life Tropes 
I Just Want to Be Special: Subverted - I've recently noticed I absorb information like a sponge and am able to process it rather quickly then proceed to execute within a few times. However, my issue tends to be creating "new" information.

Large Ham: HUZZAH!!

Big Eater: Food is good.

Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male: If you want someone to talk to about it, feel free to ask. I've only recently gotten over it. It's just as bad as male on female rape. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Relationship Tropes 
Calling the Old Man Out: I'm not going into it

In Love with Love: Much to my chagrin. Out of all my flaws, this one bothers me the most mainly because I have standards, I just fall in it too quickly for everyone's (including my own) tastes and thus restrict myself from female contact out of fear for a lawsuit.

Momma's Boy: Granted not many people believe it...

Undying Loyalty: If I consider you a good friend, which is rather easy, I'll do my best to be a good friend.

Villain Respect/FandomHeresy: Real Life examples, even! Hitler has done some good for Germany, all things considered it doesn't make up for anything.


This page shall be an eternal WIP until the internet dies.


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