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Hi, DB Ace 9 Aura here (Derek if you prefer). A while ago I first came here to touch up the Stickin Around TV Tropes page, make some works pages on here, and do a few tropes of my own. Oh, and then there was the forum interaction, which I'll admit was rare and not what I call satisfactory. These days, I'm making time to practice some pixel art and drawing.

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     Favorite Quotes 

Don't worry, Chief. I'm always on duty.~Inspector Gadget

Maybe the sad truth is that the internet isn't a great place to have smart discussions.~Bruno Dion

It's not easy being a diabolical genius when you have to pay the bills.~High Warlord Van Kraken

Bet you never felt anything like this on Uranus.~Stacy Stickler

Well don't you think it's a little misleading for a feral druid to be wearing healing pants?~Basutei

You think I'm sick? Well the only disease I've got is modern life.~Duckman

Hey, what's say we go out later for a bite. You look like my type.~Vivi

A lot of gamers suck. They are not ready for this discussion and will never be. They just want to pull triggers and yell on the internet because they are mad at life.~Leigh Alexander

Email is like a prison. A prison with no walls and no toilet.~Strong Bad
And in this one, the player wouldn't control me, because you can't control ME.

If you believe that you must be big in order to be tough, then you should get to know me. I'll teach you lots of stuff.~Madeline

Listening to quiet music can seriously damage your credibility.~GTA Rock Station

I loved you in that mermaid movie.~Ed
Oh yeah. I love Double D. Double D is the best.

You know what they say, Owen. Pay a man enough, and he'll walk barefoot into hell.~David Xanatos

     Obligatory Vandalism Folder 

Your name is complicated. There's like one person who has a more complicated name. -Glenn Magus Harvey