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"Hey! What did I tell you about paying attention to the ladies!?"

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I guess I'll try. I'm a resident of the U.S. and have been coming to this site for several months (first discovered it via GameFAQs, of all places). It's only now that I've started editing pages (mostly stuff about Shin Megami Tensei and Persona 3). I like every genre of video games except sports and driving/racing. If I have to pick one favorite genre, it's Japanese RPGs.


Ever since I followed the link here, I knew I wanted to be a troper.

Cybele is a Meganekko. Cybele loves chocolate. Cybele has just discovered D Gray Man and is hooked. Is Cybele talking in third person? Hell yes!! Cybele is quite happy that she managed to beat Extreme mode in Drakengard 2.

Productivity Killer of the Year: Gungrave

Personal favorite tropes:

Pet peeve tropes:

Pages that I've created:

Is a big fan of:

Personally an example of:

  • Cloudcuckoo Lander / Genius Ditz (Often skips merrily across the lines of)
  • Big Eater (My father always said—"Food is food, no matter where or when you eat it". I 'live by those words)
  • Nice Girl
  • Gamer Chick (Loves me some RPGs, but I'll honestly play anything except sports/racing games)
  • Glasses Girl (Actually necessary, I can't wear contacts because of the eye surgeries I had as a child)
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Normally cheery and bubbly, but my friends say I'm downright frightening when upset/angry.
  • Sweet Tooth: Tends to eat cake frosting straight out of the can. Has a firm belief that ice cream and snack cakes are the food of the gods. Fruit such as grapes and oranges have a similar effect. And I have an almost-Vash the Stamepede-level of an addiction to donuts.
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  • Genki Girl (at critical mass)
  • Everything's Better with Plushies (loves collecting plushies, like Negi Springfield or Vash the Stampede)
  • The Glomp (often very guilty of doing this)


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