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British troper aged 32. Wandered onto the site from RPGNet in May 2010 and is finding it difficult to leave.

Law research student at the University of Reading looking at human rights and the Soviet bloc.

Writing a series of historical fantasy novels and graphic novels, collectively entitled The Nine Lives Of Michal Piech, in the style of China Mieville and Louis de Bernieres:

Tropes this Troper thinks she embodies:

  • And a Diet Coke - subverted - the troper actually prefers the taste of Diet Coke to the full-sugar version.
  • Author Appeal - food. Lots of it. Tea, cakes, coffee, porridge, pierogi (a type of Polish dumpling) and the almighty Lithuanian "zeppelin" (a potato dough concoction that gives you a heart attack just looking at it). Characters regularly eat and drink and use food as a way of stalling conversations. This troper's conversation usually stalls her eating.
    • Also, being British, the weather plays a big part in stories too.
    • After writing Ludlin she fears the research revealed some latent BDSM undercurrents, particularly that done into corporal punishment and psychiatric restraint. Ouch. In relationships with her characters, she is very much the dominatrix.
  • Creator Breakdown - the whole reason she hasn't worked properly since 2006.
  • Gay Moment - the female draenei model's shapely calves in World Of Warcraft.
  • Megane - the type of boys she's after.
  • Meganekko - Too much World Of Warcraft brought to light eye problems previously ignored...
  • It's the Principle of the Thing - the way this troper behaves on eBay forums. Someone has to stand up for the consumer.
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  • Ravens and Crows - the troper is a believer not only in liberal Anglican Christianity, but in some elements of neo-shamanism as well. Her totem is Crow, hence the username. The autobiographical character in The Liberal Cuckoo is a crow named Mavis; the author did eventually put herself in as The Cartoonist, but that was sort of before she realised that Mavis was the author avatar and later strips feature Mavis, Volpone and the Generalissimo having their adventures without input from the Cartoonist herself.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness - all the time. Particularly words that she's seen written down but never heard said, leading to embarrassing confrontations over "misled" in a Year 9 English lesson. Has been called "hyperliterate".
  • Tsundere - Type A on forums, Type B in real life.

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