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I'm a college student major in math, but I'm also interested in history and political science, though I regard the later mostly as a hobby. I will freely admit that I do not hold Art and Humanities in high regard, and am liable to get annoyed when an English Major tries to tell me their "discipline" is just as difficult as Math and Physical Science (it's not and you'd know that if you ever took a Math or Physical Science course).


That said, I like to write a lot, though I have terrible writing habits. I'm currently working on the umpteenth restart of a Military Fantasy work inspired by The Dresden Files, Bandof Brothers, The Black Company, and Eberron, among other works. It is largely the result of wanting to have a steampunk/magepunk version of the Chronicles of the Black Company.

Some of my favorite works: The Black Company, the Dresden Files, anything by Neal Stephenson, Stargate (both series), nBSG (first two seasons and select elements from later on especially), and more later.