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The Crouching Stance of The Badass Tiger (could use a better name huh??)

tiny little flying chinese guys and REALLY hot girls in leather... who can kick your ass while not even standing straight!!!

So... you have a character and you want to show how much of a badass he really is. But how?

Simple. you make him crouch!!!!

But not just any crouching. you have him in The Crouching Stance of The Badass (mothefucker asskicking) Tiger .


Wich has necessarily four elements:

1 The character MUST have one leg kneeling.

2 The other leg MUST be fully supported on the foot.

3 The body MUST be slightly bent over.

4 And the character MUST be looking down.

It can be done in a variety of ways, but the two most common are:

1. The character is running after someone and jumps from a really high place, landing in the stance for a few seconds, then looking up with a piercing stare before resuming the persuit (and most likely catching, asskicking, shooting or doing all of the above to the, now, sorry escapee).

2. The character is fighting someone and takes a blow that sends him flying away, but doesn't fall to the ground (though he CAN be smashed to a wall for extra motherfuckiness). He either slides, or flips over before impact, landing in the stance for a few seconds then looks up with a piercing stare before resuming the fight (and usually beating the living jesus out of the poor bastard who dared touch "HIS ROYAL BADASSINESS").


It's used to show that your character doens't let minor things like gravity, a massive boot kicking to his stomach (here is where the wall smashing thing usually happens) or being transported back in time NAKED!!! affect him too much. No sir, he takes them like the badass he is and simply proceeds to asskicking as if bitten by a mosquito or something as the trivial.

Other elements, such as one hand on the ground and the other holding a gun (usually to be cocked a few seconds before looking up) "because he WILL shoot you, he WON'T miss and he may even not be looking at you. ('Cause you see... aiming is for sissies"), holding a sword or have the spare hand simply raised sideways, are not mandatory, but add to the overall coolness of the stance. As does the floor craking under the weight of pure badassitude.


But if there is a small dialogue, specially in a low serious voice, before the action re-begins or the character is holding his sword with an inverted grip (espcially after a Spin Attack)... Then you are probably witnessing a Crowning Moment Of Awsome, in wich the adversary will come forth only to discover that he's been defeated already, he only didn't realize it yet.

If it has all of the above performed by Chuck Norris the universe might just be coming an end.

It can also be used with some blood coughing (usually after the wall smash variety) to show that the character IS a badass but it DOES takes it's toll.

Probably a subtrope of the Rule of Cool ('cause "I mean, he like, you know... didn't even had to look at you, to kick your ass." and how cool is THAT?), the "Super Sentai" Stance, the Asskicking Pose or a possible combination of the three (is that even cosmically allowed?)

Pretty much a visual trope so it's not very common in literature (it's nowhere as cool when described) mainly present in action and martial arts movies and in anime and manga


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