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I am Critico Molesto. No, that's not a molesting joke, it's a spanish word. Please don't get 'em mixed up. I do movie reviews on my Youtube channel (under virtually the same name). I like Brazil. Good film. Back To The Future is actually pretty good too. I love comics as well. DC fan. Ironically, I detest the DC Extended Universe. The Marvel movies are actually pretty good in general. Not all of them of course, but they're WAY better than DC's. You may have noticed I like to period a lot. Pretty dumb, huh. Yeah. Sure is. I may have problems. I am a young latino man. I dunno why I said that. I hate swearing in public, but I love swearing on the internet. Cunt. I love that word. If you're reading this, then you could probably do me. I'm not a part of any movement or ideology per se, but I guess I like of freedom of speech, and I maintain the idea that people need to stop taking themselves and their feelings so goddamn seriously. "Grow a thicker skin" sounds old and cliché, but it's true. It's DAMN TRUE. I like wrestling as well. How horribly unnatractive can I get. I'm just saying, sensibility is not a good trait to have in my eyes. I am the self-proclaimed "toughest man alive". I didn't cry during "Jurassic Bark", "Luck Of The Fryrish" OR "Mother Simpson". Check mate, son. In my opinion, crying is good, but not crying? that's a skill. That takes training. Or maybe I'm just an asshole. Probably that. I'm personally against "triggers" and "x-words" (example: nigger, faggot. I mean, you shouldn't call people that, but you shouldn't be afraid of even saying the word), but I'm not gonna stop you from using them. You do you, that's my motto. Not really. My motto is probably "If someone snarks you, you snark yourself right back". What else... Uh... I like Cowboy Bebop, I guess? Gotta Knock A Little Harder is my favourite track. Vicious is kinda stupid and Julia is a bit one-dimensional, but beyond that, it's a great show. The DCAU is pretty good too. A good birthday present would probably be a Deathstroke toy. I always wanted one of those. I describe myself as "A failure in the making".


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