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"If everyone in the world is willing to be naive, then perhaps we can finally have peace."
- Crimson Edom

The Dark Messiah known as Edom, risen from a pool of flowing crimson Darker and Edgier! Or not. Perhaps I just forgot my password for the old handle...

Is also known as BlueswordsX and Lucifel.

I'm a college student who is deeply endowed with knowledge of anime, manga, and videogames, but am rather decidedly non-otaku. Ironically enough, I ''try'' to gain a reputation as one for fun!


Has a somewhat love-and-hate relationship with fandoms of medias he likes. Truly appreciates some great doujinshi like Tsukihime and Touhou (and the resulting doujin based on them from groups like IOSYS), but is somewhat disdainful of the Fan Dumb that is obsessed with things like Die for Our Ship, misplaced hatred for characters for stupid reasons, and some over-zealous fanboys that insult others at the drop of a hat.

Something of a Meta Guy on the inside, but a Cute Shotaro Boy (Though that's just because I'm often mistaken for a younger age) on the outside who's always cheerful. However, unlike my hero Seta Soujirou the smile is real rather than Yandere, so much so that I'm approaching Pollyanna with my optimism (fortunately without a crappy Back Story)! Yay!

Some quick favorites which I'll likely be contributing to:






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