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I am an impressionable little girl who finds this forum to be a very dark and scary place.

Let's be friends!

I'm a creamy little squirrel that lives in the great state of Maryland. Right in the dead center too! It's kind of interesting. Stuff happens sometimes, but not enough. I might be Bisexual, but I'm still getting the kinks worked out on that one. I've only been apart of the whole "internet community" business for about two months now, so you'll have to excuse me if there is a lot of stuff I don't know. And try not to feel my mind with too much filth and perversion! I have a lot of interests, but mostly, I am a Furry, specifically a squirrel. I love to draw and dance. I bleed soda and poop frosting. I have been known to give people diabetes! Oh, and if anyone else is wondering that I am Suke Sho, we realized that we both live in the same apartment complex with shared wifi! :o


Oh? How old am I, you ask? Well here's a hint!

  1. Take the number of songs in the The World Ends With You soundtrack, add the number of Monkey Island games.
  2. Take the number of letters in Black Dove, plus the number of letters in my name, and multiply it by 2. Subtract it from the first step.
  3. Add 1.5

You can edit my page, please! You guys are gonna have to help me find tropes for me and stuff.

Tropes that describe me

Hello, new person ~~ Spain Sun

Why would you ever be afraid of us? The notion is preposterous. It's not like we kill people for a living or anything. Anyway, welcome, hope you like us. — Lucky Revenant


Contrary to popular belief, we are actually a magical land full of elves and rainbows and goodness. Sort of. There's always IJBM for the dark and scary and what not. Anyways, have fun! — Solstace

I will say only this: Whatever they say, DON'T DO IT. -Katsuun

But if you do, I guarantee a memorable, soul-destroying ride -ZeroPotential

Come here Cream! Uncle Rume will make it all better! -Rumetzen

I have a craving for something sweet. Mind if I chew on your arm for a little while? :D -Freezair For A Limited Time

I like your style of leaving a puzzle for people. ~ GMH

Guys, she probably says she's afraid because she is a bisexual furry on the internet. There is no need to worry; as long as you do not deliberately wave it in people's faces, nobody really cares around here. we are all mellow like that. I will ask the squirrel to stay off my goddamn bird feeder, though. mrsaturn