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BLEH HEH HEH HEH...Welcome to my Trope Page!

Okay, I'm really sorry, but that was obligatory. I'm forced to do that whenever..*sigh*, Let's just move on, shall we?

I am CountofBleck, Hero of Low Tier Fighting game characters and the main editor of the PMD-Explorers page. Yes, the giant one taking over the character page in FanWorks. Anyways, I am a Fighting game designer-to-be, and have already gave my help in the indie Fighting game, Battle CA Pacity.

I enjoy Pokemon, Skullgirls, and watching people fight among themselves over petty things.


Oh! I'm also the mad genius who (almost) single handedly created the PMD-Explorers page, and am now looking for recruits for the Floraverse Project and Seeds: A Mini Story.

I got tropes, yo! ...Except I don't.

Wall of Strange and Random Comments From Guests.

"Few monsters ever know they are. Humans, so unique. We are monsters and we know it. And we weep." ~ God Of Awesome