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27-year old psych-anth double major finally headed for grad school, who spends what's "generally" considered way too much time on the internet and way too little time...well, socializing. Not a big fan of the real-time communication—although I am improving.

Watches a lot of TV—particularly TV on the internet. Favorite shows includine The Simpsons, South Park, King Of The Hill, Rockos Modern Life, Dexter, Mad Men, The Big Bang Theory, Third Rock From The Sun, and Whatever Happened To Robot Jones? If anyone else remembers that show, that is.


Loves the Chuck Jones-produced movie version of The Phantom Tollbooth, and thinks the movie, The Elm-Chanted Forest should be a cult classic.

Loves conworlds and conlangs, and creative writing. When there is a second of free time to spare.

Responsible for launching the tropes Nobody Poops, Adults Dressed as Children, Science Fair, This Troper, Hair Color Dissonance, Lisa Needs Braces, Back to School, Celebrity Voice Actor, and No Infantile Amnesia. This particular troper used to lurk/contribute a lot to the YKTTW section of TV Tropes Wiki.