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  1. I love Anime
  2. I love Manga.
  3. I love to read Fantasy books does anyone have any good books they can recommend?
  4. I love vocaloids
  5. I love Touhou
  6. I hate it when people do not flush the toilet!
  7. I am a Guy
  8. I am in High School
  9. I post during my lunch hour
  10. I am going to try and at least two more facts about me every time I go onto Tv Tropes
  11. I like most fantasy books ( but not things like Twilight BLECH)
  12. I am not a Twilight fan.

Vandalism Here!

Well, it depends on what kind of fantasy you like. For LotR-ish serious fantasy, I'd suggest one of the Shannara series. If you prefer more contemporary stuff, The Dresden Files will sate anybody's appetite for Crazy Awesomeness. -Artemis92