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Faster! Faster! Trope, you dog!
Corrupt Male Menace

Corrupt Male Menace is a no-longer-so-newish contributor, still pretending to learn the ropes whilst actually reading a comic concealed inside the textbook. He is a small-time Evil Genius living in that top bit of Britain which does not exist according to most works of fiction.

The Hair is CMM's constant companion and protector, residing on the top of his scalp for reasons of its own. Some have speculated that the Hair is in fact the true brains of the outfit, and that before it joined CMM, its previous host was one Stan Laurel...

When not ruining his life through troping, CMM and The Hair have interests in music, drama, correct use of the English language, zontanecrology, world domination...

He is also now a published author, and you can purchase his book here or view the website here. Or view the trope page here.

Part of The Dysfunctional Family.

This troper demonstrates examples of: