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Describe Ethereal Frog here.

Why? Because I'm him. Lost my password, so I got known again. Copy-paste ensues.

Real name Kurtis Commanda, born on July 11 1996. I am left handed, tallish, and have rather severe Myopia and I enjoy reading, playing video games and running. (Did anyone care about these sentences? Good. Because I hated them.) I am used to be sarcastic, grim and I (still)speak much less often then I could. I'm also rather sesquipedalian at times. This started after I found TVTropes of course.[DATA EXPUNGED]


So it turns out my brain filters out one eye, because they are misaligned, (DIPLOPIA!) leaving me with terrible depth perception. If both get used, I probably perceive depth, but I don't really know because of all the double-vision. They don't get used simultaneously very often.

This paragraph disappeared!

I like my inefficient, high speed metabolism.

I (also) have an awesome immune system. My friends average at about 5 illnesses per year. I get on average 1. 2 if I'm unlucky. I have never been sick 3 times in the same year in my memory. They'll recover in 2-3 days. I'm either on my feet the same day, or early next day. Or not off my feet at all, going about and spreading the illness to all my biological weaker friends. Ha, I'm a jerk.

Although, there was that one fever. Didn't really notice I had it 'till I was curled up in a ball shivering in the middle of class. That day sucked.


     Spoiler-Filled Emo Notes  

Below is a list of moments that have caused this This Troper to cry.

The list is mostly for myself, but I figure it might interest people seeking catharsis too, so I put it here instead of in a .txt or .doc file. Also, I can access it from anywhere, as I have 4 or so oft-used computers.

If you recognize every character on this list, there is a very high chance that you are me. You may also notice a lot of lemons up there. That's a difficult thing to explain. Just let it suffice to say that it's Porn with Plot.

This paragraph disappeared also!

This one too!

Good day.

I hope this has been a completely useless noneducational and boring reading to you. Because if it wasn't there's a problem here.


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