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Hi! Weclome to my page. Its a bit sparce at the moment, but I don't expect many people to read this so... I am a troper, male, Article realy needs to lern to proferead, and... err... Wow. I can't think of anything else to add... Ah well.

Oh, If you are wondering about the Clock motif, it just fits with my screen name. I can't remember why I chose that name.

Note that I will use this page for making sure I know how to use markup, or just for fun so if the page is a random mess of letters, or on fire, don't worry about it, I will fix it eventually... maybe.

Here are some tropes that I think apply to me:

  • Asperger Syndrome - I've been diagnosed as autistic for a long time. I have come to love my personality though, I wouldn't give up my Aspergers for the world! (as a side note, It probably helps that I am a high-functioning Asperger who has had much behavior therapy to help overcome most of the bad sides of Aspergers)
  • The Loonie - ^_^ (I mean in games, not in real life... I think)
  • Asexuality - Well, I'm either this or very picky, as I've never come across someone I've been attracted too. I suspect I can still fall in love if I get to know someone well enough though. A romantic Asexual, I guess. (Which does sound like a Oxymoron, but whatever)
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  • AttentionDeficitOohShiny I have ADHD. I probably would get rid of this if I could, unlike the Aspergers.

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