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Hello, I'm Clarinet Lady. I'm just an average, confused college student at *mumblemumble* university, located in a deliberately vague place on the East Coast, USA. My main instrument is my clarinet (duh), but I can play the saxophone, flute, or piano if necessary. I like turquoise nail polish, swingsets, and owls. I do not like the color orange, spiders, and Fan Dumb.

Stuff I like:

Manga/Anime- Axis Powers Hetalia (I used to be a moderately involved lurker (however strange that sounds) in the fandom, but I had the good fortune to decide to leave right before the dub came out. I still keep up with the comic itself, but I'm not on the forums or anything like that anymore.)


Movies- The Disney Animated Canon (though The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Fantasia are my favorites), Mean Girls, and Some Like It Hot.

Books- the Harry Potter series, anything written by Gore Vidal, the Evil Genius trilogy, and the Earth's Children series.

Music- I feel like such a bad musician for saying this, but...I play more music than I listen to. When I do listen, I like Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, George Gershwin, Stephen Sondheim, Scissor Sisters, Saint-Saens, Ravel, Hildegard von Bingen, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Johnny Thunders, and Gilbert And Sullivan. I'm a lot less picky about the music I play.

TV- anything in the Schneiderverse (but Drake And Josh is my favorite. I actually heard about Tv Tropes for the first time through the fandom), House, and QI.

Video Games- The Sims, in all its PC incarnations (To give an idea of how long I've been playing, I remember when rosebud;! was still the money cheat)


Webcomics- Girl Genius, anything by K. Sandra Fuhr.

Cartoons- Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Phineas And Ferb, Daria, pre-Movie Spongebob Squarepants.

Stuff I do here-

I mostly do cleanup work; I'll correct spelling and grammar, remove stuff that's wrong, and occasionally add an example. I also hang around the music section and plan on expanding the classical composers section.


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