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Instead of doing a full-on description, you will be presented with this scroll:

Clandestine's Scroll O' Fun:

  • Name: Clandestine004
  • Nicknames: Clandestine, Clande, Clan, Claire
  • Gender: Unknown (Female pronouns are okay too.)
  • Age: Under drinking age.
  • Place of Residence: Halloween Town, USA
  • Likes: Halloween, pumpkin pie, milk, reading, writing, acting, broomsticks, witches, hammers, shipping, koalas etc.
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  • Favorite Genres: Fantasy and Romance.
  • Status: Long-time lurker made Troper.
  • Aspiration: Change the world! :D
  • Referrer: Unknown.

Tropes That Apply


Tropes Applied by Vandals- I mean Tropers!!! (Courtesy of The Eternal Void)

  • New Meat - You're new here in the forum game, so I got you first! -VOID

Vandalism here ♥:

  • Good evening, and welcome to the fora. Stick around and enjoy yourself—and hello from the cuddlepile. -Sabre's Edge
  • Greetings! I hope that you feel welcome in the our glorious forum. - A Crack In Time
  • What's this? Sabre and Crack got here first? This won't do at all. I'll just have to burn the evidence. For now though, have some calming music. -Phoenixor


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